This page presents the results of the project

The partner schools have found out that in their systems of the education there are insufficient school programmes dealing with the acquisition of the 21st century skills and lack of new motivating teaching-learning strategies and methods centred on pupils’ needs.
Too much theory in class has led to low levels of the pupils regarding social, civic and intercultural skills. The well-being is also at a low level.

The pupils who come to high school from different social backgrounds do not know how to react in the new educational environment and they do not feel integrated, they become bored, hot-tempered stubborn, even aggressive, low emotional wellbeing. Some of them present symptoms of stress or isolation. All these lead to poor academic results and early leaving school.

The OERs posted on this page come to help the pupils and teachers in their educational process.

P1. The Logo and the Promotion Song

The Logo and the Promotion song were presented in partner schools and voted at the partnership level by pupils, parents and teachers for the most representative ones.
The Logo and the Promotion song are used in all the projects’ documents in order to promote the project, the materials and documents related to it.

Promotion Song:



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P3. Calendar and Bookmarks

Each partner school contributed to the creation of the calendar and bookmarks of the upcoming project activities.
The pupils use images, a very short description of the activity and a motivational quotation to promote the activities in each month of the project.
Using ICT tools they designed funny artistic bookmarks that will be offered to the participants (pupils, teachers, parents) in the promotion campaigns during the project.

P8. Bibliotherapy of Literary Remedies. Virtual Bibliotherapy Shelf.

This result is a Developmental Bibliotherapy in providing pupils with civic, social and emotional skills, coping mechanisms used to change the dynamic of the classroom and provide teachers with selected books and methods.
This is a collection of educational resources for pupils and teachers.

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The Word Tree

(click on the title)
GERSÃO, Teolinda, A Árvore das Palavras

Ensaio Sobre a Cegueira

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P9. Bibliotherapy – an Anti-Bullying Tool

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This result has as its objectives:
– to improve pupils’ ability to sympathize, to respect otherness, tolerate;
– to learn using comparison and contrast friendly behaviours.
Teachers selected literary texts with multidimensional characters that experience different types of bullying. The pupils participated in workshops and debates and created sets of suggestions using ICT. “An Encounter with a Bully” – Do’s and Don’ts, read about “Great Friendships” in Literature, identified and analyzed civic and social behaviours.
They created a “Friendship Quilt” with personal messages, drawings, motivational quotes which were displayed in school library.
– pupils got behavioural skills and knowledge about positive relationships;
– how to recognize bullying and suggestions about how to cope with it.
– the activities succeeded in reducing risk behaviours.

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P11. Bibliotherapy – Didactic Resources for Mind and Soul.

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This eBook is a new approach of teaching-learning-evaluation process in the form of a collection of texts from the literature of the partner countries with lesson plans, videos, and non-formal methods and examples of good practice for the acquisition of social, civic, intercultural and emotional skills and competences through literature and as a prevention strategy for risky behaviours, inadaptability and social exclusion, as describe in objectives of the project.

PDF form: Bibliotherapy_OER

P12. The Living Story of Cultural Identity

This is the story of a girl, Maria, who would like to know a lot of things about the world. (click on the title)

The pupils from the partner countries write a chapter and put together the whole story.

The main character of the story travels in the partner countries accumulating
experience. Her journey, through many cultural contexts, helps him to observe people of different nationalities, to become aware of the differences and similarities of cultural heritage and national values.


P14. eDictionary of Positive language

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„e-Dictionary of Positive Language” was realized to explore the benefits of positive language, to reinforce creativity and encourage self-expression and self- representations.
Using the literary texts that they analyzed and debated, the pupils from the partners’ schools who got involved in the activities of the project are asked to find examples of positive words or expressions that demonstrate for example empathy, caring, tolerance, cooperation etc.
Each dictionary entry contains pupils’ representation of the word/concept in their vision, drawings, poems, definitions, quotes, videos, songs. Many other examples can be sent freely if someone asks for.
– the pupils practiced words and expressions that reflect positive emotions and pro-social attitudes.

P17. “Pupils’ Insight Portfolio”

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“Pupils’ Insight Portfolios” is focused on the acquisition of important non-cognitive skills: resilience, social relationships and cultural identity, tolerance, empathy, human rights;
– to work on students’ self-awareness and self-esteem.
– to encourage sympathy and foster listening to others, noticing and respecting their differences.
The pupils involved in the project drew/realized photos containing aspects about themselves and then send them to their partner colleagues. In pairs, the pupils commented the works, recorded and sent them back to the authors who read the conclusions.
Teenagers expressed their feelings and showed respect to their European counterparts’ feelings and thoughts. Tolerance and understanding were worked on.

Here, there are samples of the insight portfolios. Other examples can be asked for free.

pdf format – click on Pupils_Insight_Portfolio_P17