Liceul Teoretic „Petre Pandrea”, Balș, Olt

The partner schools have found out that in their systems of the education there are insufficient school programmes dealing with the acquisition of the 21st century skills and lack of new motivating teaching-learning strategies and methods centred on pupils’ needs.
Too much theory in class has led to low levels of the pupils regarding social, civic and intercultural skills. The well-being is also at a low level.

The pupils who come to high school from different social backgrounds do not know how to react in the new educational environment and they do not feel integrated, they become bored, hot-tempered stubborn, even aggressive, low emotional wellbeing. Some of them present symptoms of stress or isolation. All these lead to poor academic results and early leaving school.


Liceul Teoretic „Petre Pandrea”  is a school in Balș, Olt County and has three levels of education: primary school, lower secondary school and upper secondary. The upper secondary education has the following educational profiles: Mathematics-informatics, Nature Sciences, Philology and Social Sciences.
Our institution is placed in an economically disadvantaged region with a high rate of unemployment due to loss of jobs in industry, with low birth-rate and high migration of young people abroad. This leads to lack of motivation and interest in studying, social exclusion and inadaptability to the requests of the modern and culturally diverse society and labour market. Our institution is motivated to offer quality education through programs such as school after school and projects at the local, regional and European level also targeting at disadvantaged students or at risk. – 20% of the students have been victims of different types of direct and indirect bullying based on body shape and size, social and economic disadvantaged backgrounds – students from rural areas, students whose parents work abroad, students depending on social welfare system. – 14% of the students are obese and overweight. – 10% secondary school students and 25% high-school students avoid Physical Education classes. – 30% of students spend more than 4 hours in front of the TV, computer and on the mobile phone. – 20% of students are prone to school failure due to lack of motivation. We have developed projects on sports and on anti-bullying and violence in collaboration with local and regional institutions. This project will bring a positive change in key areas such as social and emotional health, body physical health leading to long term improvements in our students’ habits and lifestyles, a higher level of motivation and interactivity, an enriched curriculum with examples of good practices in the domain of social health, nutrition and sports, the possibility of our institution to be part of a European school network, reinforcing its status in the community.